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LEOI-34 Experimental System for Crystal Electro-Optic Modulation


● Including He-Ne laser with power supply
● Precise optical alignment  
● Observe and measure electro-optic modulation waveform  
● High sensitivity photoreceiver for stable waveform output     
● Detailed instruction manual

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LEOI-34 Experimental System for Crystal Electro-Optic Modulation
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  • Electro-optic effect is a change in the refractive index of a crystal as induced by an electric field. By using a laser amplitude modulator that employs the transverse electro-optic effect of a typical LiNbO3 crystal, students can a.understand electro-optic effect and its applications able to measure the half-wave voltage and electro-optic coefficient of crystals c.observe a change in optical properties of crystals due to electro-optic effect d.observe the interference of focused polarized light as caused by electro-optic effect e.conduct experimental demonstration of laser communication. This experimental system can be used to conduct the following experiments: 1.Display electro-optic modulation waveform 2.Observe electro-optic modulation phenomenon 3.Measure half-wave voltage of electro-optic crystal 4.Calculate electro-optic coefficient 5.Demonstrate optical communication using electro-optic modulation technique

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