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LLC-10 Fiber Optic Tungsten Bromine Light Source


● High efficiency and long lifetime
● New power supply to ensure stable output
● Ideal VIS-NIR light source
● Built-in quartz fiber for heat-resistant optical transmission
● Fiber optic output

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LLC-10 Fiber Optic Tungsten Bromine Light Source
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  • LLC-10 fiber optic Tungsten-Bromine light sources are new fiber optic light source products that possess compact design, high output power, and excellent focusing capability. Models LLC-10A and LLC-10B offer adjustable power output option. Designed with standard SMA905 fiber optic interface, LLC-10 series light sources are compatible with standard fiber optic patch cords or fiber optic detector heads. Therefore, they can be used either as a standalone instrument or in conjunction with spectrometers for absorption, reflection, and fluorescence spectroscopic studies. LLC-10 series light sources can also be used as point light sources in experiments because they offer high brightness and uniform illumination. They are the ideal VIS-NIR light sources that can find widespread applications in science and technology.

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