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LEOK-50 Information Optical Experiments with LC-SLM


● Open structure to enhance students’ hands-on skills and deepen their understanding of experimental principles
● Powerful software for holographic encoding transform of images and their reconstruction
● Measurement of electro-optic effect of liquid crystal materials
● Comprehensive experimental instructions

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LEOK-50 Information Optical Experiments with LC-SLM
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  • Liquid crystal (LC) is an organic polymer compound that may flow like a liquid, but the molecules may be aligned in a crystal-like orientation. When LC molecules are aligned, the material becomes optically anisotropic. A LC screen is a spatial light modulator (SLM) based on the electro-optic modulation property of the LC material. This type of modulator is electronically addressable so that both input and output signals of the device can be computer-controlled. A LC-SLM can be used for optical signal processing, such as computed holography. It is suitable for optical experiment education in opto-electronic information, physics and other related areas. List of Experiments     1.Electro-optic effect of liquid crystal 2.Microstructure measurement of an electronically addressable LC-SLM using diffraction theory 3.Optical interference and diffraction 4.Computed holography 5.Diffraction efficiency measurement of hologram 6.Verification of Fourier transform and holographic characteristics

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