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LEOK-42 Fourier Optics Experiment Kit


● Including He-Ne laser with power supply
● Flexible configuration
● Detailed instruction manual
● Affordable price

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LEOK-42 Fourier Optics Experiment Kit
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  • This Fourier Optics Experiment Kit contains two portions of experimental contents, namely optical image addition/ subtraction and optical image differentiation, which are implemented by using a sinusoidal grating and a composite grating respectively. Experimental topics cover 4f optical system, Fourier optical filtering in frequency domain, Fourier phase shift theorem and convolution theorem. They are comprehensive experiments in the field of optical information processing. Experiment Content            1.Understand the physical principle of optical image addition and subtraction using diffraction grating 2.Understand the principle of optical image differentiation operation 3.Acknowledge Fourier optical filtering 4.Familiarize with the structure and principle of an optical 4f system  

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