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LEOK-41 White Light Optical/Digital Image Processing-Color Encoded Photography


● Pure optics, optical/digital combination, and digital image processing
● Comprehensive system
● Flexible configuration
● Easy operation
● Detailed instruction manual

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LEOK-41 White Light Optical/Digital Image Processing-Color Encoded Photography
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  • White light optical/digital image processing - color encoded photography, is based on the theta modulation theory in optical information processing, Fourier transform theory, and computer-aided digital image processing technique. It combines the techniques of white light optical information processing (color photography with black/white films) and digital decoding of a color encoded image. This experiment kit is composed of color encoded photographing, optical decoding, and digital decoding systems. It covers optical information transferring, transforming, encoding, decoding, filtering, reconstructing, storing, recording, extracting, recognizing, restoring, and operating, as well as photometry, colorimetry, and computer-aided image processing technique. This experiment kit covers pure optics, optical/digital combination, and real-time digital image processing. It is a comprehensive and flexible system. Through this system, students can get a better understanding of a.the mechanism of geometrical optics and imaging, b.the characteristics of the Fourier transform of an optical system, c.the concept of the frequency spectrum of optical information processing, d.the physical effect of frequency filtering, e.the principle of color imaging, and f.the realization of the computer-aided color decoding of an optical image.

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