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LEOK-11 Holography Experiment Kit – Complete Model


● Alternative recording media (photopolymer and silver salt)  
● Alternative operational environments (room light and darkroom)  
● 35-mW semiconductor laser as light source
● Portable illuminometer with wide range and high accuracy 
● Continuous-ratio beam splitter for convenient light splitting
● Digital display with manual or remote controlled operation  
● Tri-color darkroom safety lamp
● Detailed instruction manual

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LEOK-11 Holography Experiment Kit – Complete Model
  • Introduction
  • Specifications
  • Software
  • Sample Accessories
  • Parts List
  • Based on the basic model (LEOK-10), LEOK-11 is a complete model that includes conventional silver salt holographic plates with related accessories. Apart from the experiments that can be conducted with LEOK-10, LEOK-11 can be used to conduct more experiments in a darkroom with the aid of a tri-color safety lamp for transmissive and reflective hologram recording, including two- and three-dimensional hologram, one- and two-step rainbow hologram, image plane rainbow hologram, holographic reproduction, holographic device fabrication (transmissive or reflective holographic grating, and holographic lens), and holographic storage. Using this complete model, the following experiments can be performed: 1.Fresnel holographic photography 2.Image plane holography 3.One-step rainbow holographic photography 4.Two-step rainbow holographic photography 5.Holographic grating fabrication 6.Holographic lens fabrication 7.High-density high-capacity holographic data storage 8.Holographic interferometry 9.Holographic reproduction

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