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LEOK-10 Holography Experiment Kit – Basic Model


● Room-light operation
● White-light reconstruction
● Photopolymer plate for easy and fast developing
● Rainbow hologram
● 35 mW semiconductor laser as light source
● Digital display with manual or remote controlled operation
● Detailed instruction manual

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LEOK-10 Holography Experiment Kit – Basic Model
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  • Holographic photography is based on the interference principle resulted from the coherent superposition of optical beams, to record the interference fringes between a reference beam and an object beam (reflected from an object) on a recording medium. The interference fringes contain the amplitude and phase information of the object beam. This experiment kit employs a semiconductor laser as the light source to generate reflective and transmissive holograms on the recording medium, a photopolymer plate. In addition, the recorded reflective hologram can be reconstructed with white light. Room-light operating environment is convenient as it does not require a darkroom, so that photo developing is easy and fast. After a quick drying process with an electric blower, three-dimensional image can be reconstructed clearly under white light. This system is easy to operate and maintain, so that it is suitable for experimental education at universities and colleges. While ideal for demonstrating in  a classroom and physics lab, this kit is also suitable for amateurs who are fascinated with the startling real 3D effect that holograms produce. This holography kit gives you all the essentials to make white light holograms with ease. Every user can record beautiful rainbow holograms under ordinary light.

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