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LEOK-5 Lens Aberration and Fourier Optics Kit


● Lens Aberration Demo
● Fourier Optical Processing   
● Easy Operation 
● Cost Effective 

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LEOK-5 Lens Aberration and Fourier Optics Kit
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  • There are six basic optical aberrations affecting the ideal performance in an optical imaging system, which are chromatic aberration, spherical aberration, coma, distortion, curvature of field and astigmatism. Experiments based on this kit will help students to be familiar with these aberrations. Optical lens can perform the Fourier transform to light field on object plane. Various spatial filtering techniques are used in the reconstruction of the filtered images based on Abbe’s theory of image formation. Students can get a better understanding of Fourier optics and spatial filtering through the proposed experiments. Experiment examples: Lens Aberrations: 1. Spherical aberration, 2. Field curvature, 3. Astigmatism, 4. Coma, 5. Image distortion, and 6. Chromatic aberration. Fourier Optics and Spatial Filtering: 1. Low-pass filtering, 2. High-pass filtering, and 3. Directional filtering.

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