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LEOK-1 Optics Experiment Kit – Basic Model


● 8 fundamental experiments
● Detailed instruction manual
● Easy alignment
● Affordable price

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LEOK-1 Optics Experiment Kit – Basic Model
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  • The LEOK-1 Optics Experiment Kit is developed for general physics education at universities and colleges. It can be used to construct eight experiments, covering the basic experiments in geometrical optics, physical optics and information optics. LEOK-1 can also be upgraded to include extra experiments by adding the corresponding parts from LEOK-3 or LEOK-6. LEOK-1 offers an economic solution for covering a wide range of optical properties and principles. Eight experiments are all performed along a rail and hence the system is suitable under normal lab environment. The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experiment configurations, principles, procedures and required parts with photos. Through self-selecting individual components and self-constructing complete setups, students can enhance their experimental skills and problem solving ability. Using this experiment kit, the following 8 experimental examples can be conducted: 1. Measuring the focal length of a positive thin lens using auto-collimation method 2. Measuring the focal length of a positive thin lens using displacement method 3. Assembling a slide projector 4. Young’s double-slit interference 5. Fresnel diffraction of a single slit 6. Fresnel diffraction of a single circular aperture 7. Abbe imaging principle and optical spatial filtering 8. Pseudo-color encoding, theta modulation and color composition

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