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LEAI-21 Zeeman Effect Apparatus with Electromagnet


● Electromagnet provides adjustable and stable magnetic field intensity
● High accuracy Teslameter included
● High performance optical rail with scale ruler
● Clear splitting rings, operation convenient.

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LEAI-21 Zeeman Effect Apparatus with Electromagnet
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  • This LEAI-21 Experimental System of Zeeman Effect with Elctromagnet consists of main machine unit (including Teslameter, light source power supply, etc.), power supply of magnet, electro magnet, pencil Mercury lamp, focusing/imaging lenses, interference optical filter, F-P etalon, polarizer, and direct reading microscope, with optional CCD camera, USB image acquisition box, and analysis software. It has features of convenient operations and intuitionistic teaching effect. It is an ideal experimental instrument for advanced physics laboratories. Experiment contents: 1.Master a method for the observation of Zeeman effect, enhance the concept understanding of atomic magnetic moment and spatial quantization in atomic physics. 2.Observe spectral lines splitting and their polarization states of 546.1nm mercury atomic spectrum, calculate electron charge-mass ratio based on Zeeman splitting amount. 3.Learn the adjustment method to Fabry-Perot etalon and the application of CCD device in spectroscopy.

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