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LEOI-70 Experimental System for Colorimetry


● Computer control   
● Standard data set for colorimetric analysis     
● Integration sphere and absorption cell    
● Standard transmissive or reflective measurement mode 
● Colorimetric analysis of illuminant (optional)  
● Auto-detect dominant wavelength and tristimulus values of sample under test

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LEOI-70 Experimental System for Colorimetry
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  • Colorimetry involves physical optics, visual physiology, and visual psychology. Colorimetric analysis is a topic that can be found in many areas and it is a necessary subject that should be covered at universities and colleges. LEOI-70 is designed for colorimetric education at college and university level and it is an experimental system with a high performance-to-cost ratio. LEOI-70 is the basic model and LEOI-70A is the enhancement model. LEOI-70A includes a four-color area light source so that the colorimetric analysis of an illuminant can be performed.

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