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FTIR-750 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer is a new product launched by Lambda Scientific. It has the characteristics of small and portable, stable and reliable, easy to operate, and good expandability. It can be widely used in medicine, materials, chemical industry, environmental protection, quality inspection, universities, etc. It is an indispensable analysis and testing tool for enterprise laboratory testing and university teaching and scientific research.

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  • – Small size and flexible use

    The size of the whole machine is only slightly larger than A4 paper, which can save valuable laboratory space or be used in a small space.

    – Highly stable optical system

    The optical table adopts an integrated design of aluminum structure, and the main components are positioned at one time, without the need for later adjustments, which greatly improves the mechanical stability and long-term reliability of the instrument.

    – High performance electronic system

    24-bit A/D conversion technology, combined with imported pyroelectric detectors, ensures the authenticity and reliability of data, real-time acquisition and high-speed transmission.

    – High precision optical system

    The one-piece gold-plated corner mirror has good matching consistency of the corner mirror, and the reflective surface is enlarged to ensure higher luminous flux and high reflectivity; the vertical precision of each side of the corner mirror is high, and it is free from bonding and will not be affected by the ambient temperature. Improve the stability of the instrument.

    – Combined moisture protection system

    Through the comprehensive application of airtight interferometer design, visual desiccant replacement reminder, anti-deliquescence window and other moisture-proof means, it can resist the influence of humidity on the infrared spectrometer.

    – Various accessories options

    The process of accessory replacement and experimental installation is simple, and extended test accessories such as special single-reflection ATR accessories (push card positioning and installation, simple and convenient), gas pool, liquid pool, and solid tablet inserts can be used.

    Description Specifications
    Wavenumber Range 7800~350 cm-1
    Resolution 1.0 cm-1
    Detector Pyroelectric detector
    Beamsplitter KBr substrate germanium-plated, with moisture-proof coating
    Scan Speed Select the corresponding scanning speed under computer control
    Light Source Long-life high-intensity air-cooled infrared light source, energy ratio>30%
    Signal Noise Ratio >30000:1 (P-P value, 4cm-1, 1 minute background and sample scan, at 2100 cm-1)
    Linearity <0.1% (4400 – 500 cm-1, except water vapor and CO2)
    Power AC220V/50Hz
    Dimensions 355mm*265mm*160mm
    Weight 9.6 kg
    Interface USB 2.0
    Support System Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10


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