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  • –   High resolution
    • The resolution can reach 0.5cm-1, which meets the sample testing needs of users in different situations.
  • –   High stability
    • Using moving mirror dynamic collimation technology, up to 130,000 times/second real-time dynamic adjustment to ensure repeatability, long-term stability and spectral peak shape of sample detection.
  • –   Good expandability
  • –   New infrared light source system
  • –   Good moisture-proof effect
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  • FTIR-8600 is a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer launched by Lambda Scientific, also known as a special analysis system for semiconductor coating materials. It has made many improvements and innovations on the basis of the original FTIR-7600, and the performance of the instrument has been significantly improved. It has the characteristics of high resolution, good scalability, stable performance, easy operation, long service life and low maintenance cost.

    Its product performance and main technical indicators have reached the international advanced level of similar products. Widely used in medicine, chemical industry, petroleum, environmental protection, food, materials, public security, national defense, semiconductor, optics and other fields, it is an indispensable analysis and testing tool for laboratory research and enterprise production.
  • Description Specifications
    Wavenumber Range 7800~350 cm-1
    Resolution 0.5 cm-1
    Detector High Sensitivity DLATGS
    Beamsplitter KBr substrate germanium-plated, with moisture-proof coating
    Scan Speed Select the corresponding scanning speed under computer control
    Light Source Air cooled high energy ceramic light source
    Signal Noise Ratio <2.2x10-5 AU(1 minute scan,4cm-1 Resolution)
    Linearity <0.1%
    Accuracy 0.01cm-1
    Power AC220V/50Hz
    Dimensions 543mm*455mm*248mm
    Data Collection He-Ne Laser
    Interface USB 2.0
    Support System Windows XP, Windows 7
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